Thursday, January 29, 2009

What? A new post? :::GASP:::

New Years Eve at Grandma&Grandpa W's house with Austin.

On one of our afternoon walks.

Atticus LOVES Rock Band and tries to live in this shirt!

We hung out with these crazy people! :)

Harper can crawl...and stand!
(One day she may not be thrilled with this picture. I think it is cute!)

So, finally a new post. I had lost my camera and then was stressed over some stuff...hence the lack of posting. Lets see...
Atticus has been doing really well this month learning to count to ten in Spanish. Although he likes to say Five-o when he gets to 5. Haha.
Harper crawls, stands, and gets into EVERYTHING!!
Keith got a new job, since his last employer decided to take off without paying his employees, and owes us quite a bit of money. We are excited though since his new job is awesome and a great opportunity for him and us (he is a web developer).
I have been having fun with Harper and Atticus, they are such amazing blessings! I have also had my hands full packing! Oh and we are moving...did I mention that? More to come in another post! Lots of love.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Camera found! New post tomorrow! <3