Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Happenings...

New haircut for this handsome boy!

Some Golden Spoon for this cutie and Atticus
for a good job sitting still for his haircut!

Our new family member Dottie!!

She is Atticus' new room mate!

Harper loves her a lot and tries very hard to be soft!

We started the day with haircuts and Golden Spoon and ended it by adding a new member to the family! Dottie is a Dumbo rat who we fell in love with at PetSmart! The kids LOVE her! She is such a sweetie! Harper meows at her and yells "DOT"! Every few seconds during dinner Atticus kept asking if he could go check on Dottie and tell her what we were having for dinner. He even told her all about his day before bed, it was very cute!! We ♥ rats!

Another Night Away.

Atticus wanted to help clean up!

We hung out with the coke bear!

Ended the night with an awesome bubble bath!
We ♥ Mr. Bubble!

I even enjoyed the bubble bath!

Thanks again to Frank we got to enjoy a fun night in an awesome room over at Bally's! We walked through the Paris, and over to the showcase (Everything Coke and M&Ms World). We had Nathans hot dogs for the first time and it was really good! Now we all want a huge tub like that in our house! Haha!