Thursday, October 14, 2010


(Atticus petting a Kangaroo!)

( I really wanted to take Snork home, she was really sweet!
PS: I have no idea what is going on with my eyes in this one.)

(I think this one was named Sushi! Otters are SO CUTE!)

(Harper and some animals.)

(Atticus, Alaina, and Snork!)

(Harper following the Binturong. His name is Frito!)

(Baby Porcupine.)

This little guy is a Coati I think...he is a part of the Raccoon family and he was going through bags and stole Harper's Gatorade right from her hands and started to drink it! It was funny to everyone except Harper.

( Harper was happy again soon after!)

(Atticus and Caico the Capuchin Monkey. She is spoiled!)

Just 45 minutes from Las Vegas in the little town of Moapa you will find Roos-N-More an ed-zoo-cational zoo. This place is awesome! The kids and I went on the 13th with a school group of about 25 (ages 9months-15 years) and had the whole place to ourselves! The kids got to do many once in a life time things (well, until we go again) like feel the inside of a kangaroo pouch, pet a sloth, hold an otter, play with a monkey, play with a binturong (and have it crawl all over them), pet a toucan, pet an ant eater, feed camels (some even "kissed" the camels), pet a baby porcupine, and the list goes on! I took a ton of pictures and some video, but will not overload you too much with pictures! I will however post all of the pictures on facebook if you would like to see them all! I definitely recommend going to roos-n-more and if you can book a private tour on a day they are closed to the public!
PS:Thank you April for planning the whole thing ♥ !