Saturday, May 21, 2011

Harper J. turns 3!



On May 4th little Miss Harper turned 3 (although some days it seems like she has the attitude of a teenager)! My little baby is gone and has been replaced with a little girl. Harper is a sassy, silly, sweet, loving little girl and we really couldn't imagine our family without her! We love you Harper J!

**More pics from her bday celebrations on...yes you guessed it my facebook**

Thursday, May 19, 2011


At the end of April we took a quick little trip down to Southern California to visit family and "the happiest place on earth" Disneyland! We had a blast!

Our first night (April 26th) we headed to Keith's Grandpa's house for April/May birthday celebrations and some family time.

Atticus and his Great Grandpa Lee!

Harper was very excited to get to celebrate early!

Our second day (April 27th) was spent at Disneyland and DCA. Wednesday was a good day to visit, the lines during the day were extremely short and we went on a ton of rides before 6pm. It was a long, fun, and tiring day! On our last day we slept in and hit downtown Disney and then headed out of town. We always have a fun time when visit CA.

Harper was SO excited to meet Mickey. She was running all through his house looking for him. When it was finally our turn she ran with open arms to him! Atticus told us "I am too old to hug Mickey." They grow up too fast!

Harper's first time on Gadgets Go Coaster, and she loved it! I need to work on not cutting peoples heads off.

One of Atticus' favorites, Big Thunder Mountain.

In line for Gadgets Go Coaster.

*A lot of the other pictures are on my facebook if you want to see them.*