Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

St. Pattys was a fun one this year! Atticus decided that he wanted to catch a Leprechaun so he could get his treasure! So, we built a Leprechaun trap (instructions here). Unfortunately that sneaky little Leprechaun got out of the trap before we woke up, left a tiny little note saying, "nice try, better luck next year", and created mischief all over the house!

That sneaky little Leprechaun left all of our Kitchen cupboards and drawers open, got into the Lucky Charms, played a little PS3 (he left a note about it ;p) turned the kids toilet water green, and turned our milk green as well. He did however leave gold candy all over along with his mischief so I think the kids forgave him for the craziness!

After mixing in the food coloring.

The inside.

That afternoon we made rainbow cupcakes(it seemed fitting) and topped them with cream cheese frosting and green sprinkles! Everyone is excited for next year!

It was also a certain beautiful young lady's 16th bday *cough* Aubreana *cough* I say it all of the time, but it is true every time. I can not believe how fast time flies! We love you Aubrey!

Silly and beautiful!

Sadly the day after also marked 16 years ago sweet little Anthony passed away. I remember him being so excited to visit his new little (almost 10 pound) sister! He was the smartest 2 year old on the block, and the cutest by far! I am so happy to know in my heart that we will see him again!

us with Anthony.
from back to front: Amber, April (Anthonys mom),Angie,me, Anthony and Allison

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cha Cha Changes...

The front of our house. I know, I need a better picture of the whole house.

I love our street!!

Don't forget your suit when you come to visit.

The private airport is right behind us and the kids love it! We really only hear planes on the weekends and they sound like motorcycles so it is not a disturbance at all!

Yes, we did it again! We packed up all of our belongings in a big moving truck and set our sights on Southern Utah. Decisions were made quickly and everything fell into place pretty much perfectly and made it that much easier to see that we were making the right move for our family!
We are almost all unpacked in our new house and the kids have already started making friends!! <3