Monday, May 26, 2008

Teeth, potty time, and showers.

(Our sweeties)

( Water baby!)

(Sleeping smiles!)

So, our long holiday weekend was mostly spent at home. Atticus had been doing a pretty good job using the potty, but has had a huge setback. He spent most of the weekend on the potty and pant less. Our dear little bunny (Harper) at 3 weeks old is getting a couple bottom teeth. No joke! Poor little girl, you look in and can see white and you can feel two little sharp teeth. Good news, she still loves the shower, and calms down the minute she hears the water. Other then that everyone is doing well, and enjoyed being lazy this weekend! Hope everyone had a fun holiday weekend whatever you did. <3!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hair today gone tomorrow.

Do you think it's time for a hair cut? Yeah we did too...we do like it long though but his hair was finally too long.

So, I got out the scissors and started cutting! The sides are a bit uneven but maybe grandma can fix it tomorrow...
**I dyed my hair after about a year or so of not dying it. I will post a picture soon. Love to all! <3!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2 weeks.

Harper was 2 weeks this past Sunday, and had her 2 week check up today. Harper weighs in at a very healthy 9lbs 3oz. The doctor kept saying, "wow and she was only born 2 weeks ago. Thats really good!" He also said that she was the cutest baby he saw all day(duh! I mean look at how cute her brother is!). Have you ever heard that saying, ugly people have really cute kids? If this is true then Keith and I must be some pretty ugly moes! Ha ha! Our families too, since all of our nieces and nephews are heck a cute! Anyway back to the Harper update. Everything checked out great and her next appt will be when she is 2 months old. Oh and her umbilical stump fell off on Saturday and she had her first shower with mommy on Sunday. This kid HATED sponge baths...she LOVED the shower! She was wide eyed and happy the whole time. So to sum everything up (sorry for the VERY long post), Harper is eating, pooping, and sleeping like a champ.
PS:Keith started a blog too. It's mostly reviews of video games and stuff. The link is on the side under Hubby.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Motorcycle fun.

(Just getting back from the ride.)

(Atticus is ready to for his turn!)

(Mommy and Harper enjoying the heat.)

This evening we went over to my parents house and Keith and my dad went for a motorcycle ride. They had a lot of fun! Keith loves the 3-wheelers and so does Atticus!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pink Bow.

Ha ha! Harper received SO MANY bows! I LOVE them all! So, here is one of her pink bows. She didn't mind it at all.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


The best mothers day presents that I have gotten, are the two things that mean I get to celebrate Mothers day... MY CHILDREN! I feel so blessed to have two beautiful healthy children. I am also blessed with a very sweet husband (more on him on fathers day). So, today on my day I look at my smart, loving 3 year old, my sleeping, precious 1 week old and my sweet husband, and think to myself how on earth did I get so lucky to be their mom and wife. I also want to wish the many wonderful ladies in my life a very happy mothers day!

Last night Atticus fell asleep on the couch and so when Harper fell asleep, I thought, "oh, that would be a cute picture!" So, I put her on the couch with him and got my camera! Then they both got put into their own beds. When I showed Atticus the picture this morning he looked so confused. This is already one of my favorite pictures of them (I know there will be many more to come). <3!

Park days.

We have a really nice new park about 3 min. away from our house that Atticus loves. So, today we had a park day. Atticus really enjoyed being out of the house and not in the backyard. Harper liked it too...of course she just slept the whole time.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Big Helper!

My big helper! Atticus loves getting diapers for Harper...that being said I knew it was only a matter of time that I heard this question. "Mom wheres Harper's wewe? " I had to laugh, we have had this discussion before...that only boys have wewes. He is a funny little one huh? In the pictures I had just finished giving Harper a sponge bath, in which she did NOT like at all, and was very unhappy so I asked Atticus to hold her bottle while I put her diaper on. It was very cute. I had to grab the camera. They are really cute together, I love it!

Do you think Atticus is excited? This is his new picture face (see baseball picture post for the same face).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mini Golf

On Saturday the 3rd we took Atticus mini golfing. He loved it! On the way home from Fiesta Family Fun Center is when the real contractions I guess mini golf put me into labor. Haha, because we all know how strenuous mini golf is.

More of Harper

(This one is for April...little cupcake)

Today was Harper's follow up (they tested her for jaundice, and she doesn't have it) She was born on Sunday, and was 7lbs 15oz now 4 days later she weighs in at 8lbs 2oz. Today I also got to visit the doc, to get my staples out. Whoo!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Atticus and Harper

My mom made Atticus that cute I'm the big brother shirt. He wore it the day we left the hospital. He loves the shirt! I like the second picture because they were both on the hospital bed just hanging out together. The first day Atticus came to the hospital he was timid about Harper. Keith asked him if he wanted to hold her,but he said, "No dad shes too small." Now that we are home he still has yet to hold her but he likes to help get her things. He is always amazed when I change her diaper. Whenever I say I am going to change her diaper he always responds with, "She pooped AGAIN?" I have more of the two of them, I just need to upload them. Keith and I feel so blessed to have two amazing kids!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Harper Janae

So, Harper is the name we decided to go with. Sorry to all of you Rory fans. Harper was suppose to be a scheduled C-section early this morning. To our surprise however Autumn started having contractions very late on Saturday that continued onto early Sunday morning. Finally around 4am (on the 4th) we decided we should head to the hospital. At the hospital her water broke and we went in for a C-section. Harper Janae was born at 8:11am on May 4th. She was 7lbs 15 oz. A whole pound smaller then her brother. She has HUGE cheeks, lots of dark hair, and is a very mellow baby. If you were wondering where we got Harper....Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mocking Bird....which is the book that we got Atticus from. Yes we are nerds...but it is a really good book, with not only a great story and characters but great names too. If all goes well we should be home tomorrow. Enjoy just a few of the pictures we have taken so far.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bubbles and baseball

My crazy baseball boy! Atticus LOVES baseball. Everyday when Keith gets home from work he and Atticus go in the backyard and play "baseball team" It is so cute! These pics are from today. Atticus had twice as fun since Brian was here to play too. He didn't have his game face on today, no instead he had his crazy face on. We need to sign him up for T-ball.

Bubbles....and General Grievous. After the baseball fun, it was time for some bubble fun. If you can't tell, the little figure he is holding is General Grievous (from Star Wars). He loves that little guy and Star Wars. Atticus' love for Star Wars started with Lego Star Wars and has evolved to him actually asking and sitting through the movies. This of course makes Keith so proud! Haha. Well, I have a couple more posts but will wait till tomorrow. PS: Please excuse our jungle backyard, we need to mow the grass!


Yes, this is late...LOL! In-N-Out finally opened here in Southern Utah, and yes we went on opening day, and yes we waited for 45 min to get some yummy animal fries and burgers! I told Keith how I thought it was funny that we waited in a 45 min. line to get food when we complain when we have to wait in a 30 min. line at Disneyland. Keith's theory is because we have been to Disneyland when there are zero wait times for the rides (Yes, this is true!) Plus animal fries are SO good. Anyway here is Atticus in his In-N-Out hat that they were handing out. They also gave out stickers. Now we just need Chipotle!