Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I think I deleted my Easter pictures...@#%^!&*()_@!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So,these pictures wrap up our the fun weekend we had in CA! This was our last trip down before the baby is born. We had such a great time! Thanks to everyone. Next time we are in CA there will be four of us.

(Haha! Spencer and Keith being silly!)

(Aww, daddy and Atticus)

(Atticus didn't want to ride a sea animal)

(Devon, Atticus, and Rory)

(Spencer and Atticus love each other!)


(In line for Nemo.)
(Keith,Atticus, and Marc. They had the teacup going so fast!)
(Aww, waiting for the train all worn out!)

WE LOVE DISNEYLAND! It had been raining almost all weekend, and then Monday was clear and nice just for our Disneyland day! Everyone had a great time,the only bummer was that the Matterhorn wasn't running and Atticus was sad because he wasn't tall enough for Star Tours. Don't worry next time!


Monday was the big Disneyland and DCA day! DCA is nice and not as crowded as Disneyland is. Atticus loves a bugsland and the bumper cars. Keith got to go on his favorite ride, The Tower of Tower. Spencer,Atticus,and I had fun waiting for everyone while they were on TOT. They are two funny boys!

(We love A bugsland!)(Kristen,Marc,Devon,and Spencer.)
(Getting off of the bumper cars.)
(Keith,Kristen,and Atticus having some ladybug fun!)
(Spencer and Atticus checking out all of the little girls going by.)

Brea Improv.

Also, on Sunday night we went to the Brea Improv with Kristen, Marc, Danny, and Ava. The main comedian was Jeff Garcia, who is also the voice of Sheen on Jimmy Neutron. Jeff Garcia is HILARIOUS!! I was laughing almost the whole time he was up on stage. The other two comedians were Bruce Jingles, and Renee Garcia. Bruce was really funny too, right up there with Jeff! Renee was funny, but wasn't feeling well so maybe he was just off his game. As it turns out 12 years ago Marc worked with Bruce Jingles and they use to hang out after work, and he remembered Marc and was really cool. So, if you get the chance to see these guys don't pass it up!
PS: Thanks to Kelly, Kaitlin, and Candy for watching the kids so we could have some adult fun!

(Jeff Garcia)
(Sheen from Jimmy Neutron)
(Bruce Jingles)
(Renee Garcia)

Baby Shower.

(The Baby Bell so far...)

Sunday was our awesome baby shower. A HUGE thank you to Kristen, Marc,and Pat for giving us the shower! Keith and I have been very fortunate when it comes to baby showers. Atticus was given an awesome shower (thanks to Shawnt'e) and now Rory. I didn't even think to take pictures...I know me and no pictures. Anyway it turned out awesome, and with the lack of RSVPs turned out to be quite large with MANY wonderful gifts for the baby!
PS: Pat and Oscars has really good chicken and pizza.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

CA Trip.

So, I am finally getting the pics up from our super fun trip to CA! We went Feb. 22nd to the 26th. My first post is from Saturday when we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Atticus and I had never been there before but Keith had been a few times with his sister. It was a lot of fun, but VERY crowded! I only have a few pictures.*sad face* Some of the creatures from the sea are cute, and others are just big and ugly!

(Daddy and Atticus checking out some jellys I believe.)
(Boat fun...they have a cute play area outside.)
(No, over here! Devon, Atticus, and Spencer. Cousin fun!)
(This stingray was HUGE!! It was like 12 feet, no joke!)

PS: They have tons of sea life,but my camera was not being kind. Atticus loved getting to pet the little stingrays.