Saturday, November 12, 2011

and a party was had...

November 5, 2011 birthday party recipe:


bounce house





and friends!

Yes, all of those things make for a successful 7th birthday party!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Atticus turns 7!!

It is true, Atticus turned 7 today (Nov 3)!! I am (as always) in shock how quickly another year has gone by! Today was a little low key since he is having his birthday party this Saturday.

We started off the day with chocolate chip pancakes (per the b-day boys request).

Then Atticus headed off to school. Before school was out I brought in Cookies and Cream cupcakes for his class (they were a hit).

After School it was present time!

Atticus chose Brick Oven (YUM) for dinner!

and dessert!
Atticus is our smart, funny, sweet, amazing little boy whom we cannot get enough of!! I say this time and time again because it is so true! When Atticus was born my life changed completely and it was for the better! We love you so much Atticus!! 7 is going to be a good one, I know it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloweenie 2011 (photo heavy)!

Halloween was pretty epic this year! Hearing things like, "coolest house on the block" more then a couple of times really boosts ones ego. Haha! Since before Keith and I were married he has wanted to do a haunted house. We never really lived anywhere that it would work well, until this year. So, this year we had a haunted garage! With the help of some nieces, nephews, a brother in law, and a few good friends the haunted garage was a HUGE hit! I am sad that I didn't get many pictures though.

one of the walls.

While Keith was in charge of the haunted garage, I was in charge of a little Halloween party. Having spent most of the day at Atticus' school helping out with his class party I came home with an hour to have everything ready for our Halloween party... a little stress won't kill you right? Haha. Actually I didn't have that much to do since my sister April was bringing the chili (which totally rocked by the way). After we ate we headed out to trick or treat. The kids made out like bandits and we were home before 8:30! So aside from one tiny tantrum at the end of the night (from Harper) this Halloween was one of the best!

Everlasting Youth Elixir.

pictured: Blood Brew, Truth Serum and Love Potion No.13
Not pictured: Wishing Tonic and Vampire Kiss.

"dirt" dessert (pudding,crushed oreo, gummy worms, and vanilla cookies)

All of the kids.

My loves!

little ladybug.

Sam Flynn (from Tron).

ready to go trick or treating.

All lit up!

checking out their loot!