Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin time.

The seeds before they met the oven...we mixed them with butter and garlic salt. They were pretty good.

What can I say? We are a Disney family, and so are our pumpkins...haha. It was Atticus' idea to put the ears on the pumpkin, and he was cracking up the whole time!

Even Harper enjoyed the pumpkins. She was too cute the whole time.

Harper loves pumpkins!

We were trying out some costume make-up also, so that is what is around his mouth.

And our second pumpkin...PIRATE! ARRrrrrrrrrrrr.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank you!!

Happy early birthday to me! Thank you Mom and Dad, this is so awesome!! I can't wait to start using it! <3.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Atticus and Harper still love hanging out together! They are too cute, I am always taking pictures!

Atticus is such a crack up! His newest obsession is the word poop. Lovely right? He always finds some way to add it to a question or answer, and every so often he just randomly makes it it's own question. "Poop?" He is so excited for his birthday(he will be 4 on the 3rd). Every morning he tells me, "you know it is almost my birthday right?" I always answer like I am confused and he just laughs. Atticus is a little smarty pants, he can write and spell his name all by himself! Although sometimes the u is an o. More of his accomplishments on his b-day!

Harper turned 5 months old earlier this month and I never did a post...sad. Harper is still eating like a champ! She also started eating jar foods earlier this month, and she loves almost everything we give her! Her favorite is carrots, and her least favorite is bananas. She will take 3 bites of bananas if I am lucky. It's funny, if she doesn't change her mind about bananas then she will be just like Keith (he hates bananas), and Atticus is like me (we love bananas). Harper also is sitting up on her own for a few min at a time...sometimes longer. She is such a happy girl. I can't believe that she will be 6 months on the 4th.

More exciting posts to come...we will be carving our pumpkins soon! <3!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Dad??

So, my dad was in Saw 5 and never told anyone?!? Haha. The actors name is Tobin Bell and from this angle I think it looks like my dad, or maybe a long lost twin. If you know what my dad looks like what do you think? I would have put a picture on to compare, but I don't have one handy. Anyway I promise I will post a picture and update of the kids tomorrow! <3.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New post! New post!

Our friend Trevor brought over Rock band 2 and his X-box last weekend (Rock band 2 by the way is awesome!) anyway we had our PS3 drums by the X-box drums and Atticus got up and went to town! He loves everything and anything that has to do with drums and rock band. I think (hope) he will be musically inclined like his daddy. So far so good! I can't believe that Atticus is almost 4 years old!! <3.

Last week while Amber was recovering Keith picked Austin and Jayden up from school. The first day we all went. Harper LOVED Wennie (I am not sure on the spelling)...she would not take her eyes off of her, and anytime she was close enough Harper would try to grab her. She did almost get the dogs ear in her mouth, but my quick moves avoided that one! Wennie was so good with Harper too, she didn't jump on her at all. I even got Austin to hold Harper so I could get a picture. At first he was having no part in holding her, but then was ok with it. After he gave her back to me she would NOT stop "talking" to him, both of my kids LOVE Austin. No, pictures of Jayden and Atticus, they were too busy playing in Jayden's room. <3.