Saturday, September 27, 2008

Allison and Buddys Wedding. *Lots of pictures*

(Getting ready to go.)

(Cutting the cake.)

(Aww, so cute!)

(I love this picture! Knox and Atticus had so much fun together.)

(Atticus and the boys.)

(Harper being the cutie that she is!)

Side note on the picture above. Before the wedding I found out that buddy had a niece named Scout. I told Keith, "I have to take a picture of Atticus with Scout, it would be so cute!" Keith thought I was a nut. Anyway, I had just given Harper to Keith when I turned to see Atticus and Scout on the swing set together. So, I ran over and just said, "say cheese." PERFECT! Haha... maybe I am a nut.
(Allison throwing to the only single girls who wanted to catch it.)

(The boys trying to catch the garter. Atticus is down there too. Haha)

(Keith doing an awesome job DJ-ing.)

(Harper sucking on Allisons gloves...they were soaked after.)

(The newly weds car.)

(Man that is a lot of mountain dew...I thought John wasn't there?!?)

*I have a bunch more pictures so if you want them e-mailed to you let me know!*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy.

(Keith and I at the house show.)

(Thank you Mom for watching the kids on both nights!!)

(Smash Mouth, 8 rows back...not bad at all!)

(On our way out.)

(Rockin' out!)

(Keith doing the sound and recording.)

(Atticus and Jayden.)

(Aww, sleeping cousins!)

Wow, this past weekend was busy! I have a feeling this next weekend will be the same. So, onto our busy fun weekend. On Friday Keith, Austin, and I got to go see Smash Mouth. They played at SUU in Cedar City. I know crazy huh?!? Then Saturday Keith and his friend/drummer threw a house show at the drummers house. They built a stage and everything. 6 bands including The Robots Guide to Living played. It turned out awesome and was a lot of fun. Jayden spent the night on Saturday, and then Sunday was actually not busy. Today I had my second interview at the boarding school and they said they will let me know by Friday. Keep your fingers crossed! Coming up this weekend is Allison's wedding, so more fun to come.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Growing Kids.

Our little 4 month old! Harper is 14lbs 8oz and 24 inches long. The Doc says she is growing along the growth chart keeping everything average (50% range). Harper is such a cuddle bug just like Atticus, and now that she can use her hands really well she loves not only grabbing everything that she can, but she loves to touch faces. She loves rolling over, "talking",laughing, playing with Atticus, rice cereal, taking walks, going to the park, and so much more. Harper is such an active baby. We love our little girl. Atticus was active, but lazy at the same time...he LOVED (and still does love) sleeping.

Atticus is always entertaining Harper. She loves him so much. She sees his face and smiles so big! Atticus is going to be 4 in November...he is growing up so quick! All he talks about lately is going to Disneyland, "and when we go to Disneyland next month I can go on Star Wars and Tower of Terror right?" Haha, he is so excited that he gets to go on the "bigger" rides now that he is tall enough. We love our big kid!

(So cute together!)

(Haha, I thought this was way cute!)

So, a couple of days ago Keith's friends brought over his late B-day present. Yeah that HUGE amp behind him! His friends are so good to him (thanks Trevor and Brian)! Keith was and still is so excited. He loves his new amp. Atticus was in shock...he has never seen an amp so big. In the picture it looks like Keith is taller then the amp, but he is actually a little bit shorter then it. So, that is over 6ft 3in.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, I am up and running with the new pictures...All of my others are still stuck on the other computer...for now anyway. Life goes on. On Sept. 4th Harper turned 4 months old. CRAZY!! Time is going by so fast! On the 8th she tried rice cereal, and to no surprise she LOVED it! She goes for her check-up and immunizations this Friday, so more stats and fun things she is doing then. <3.

Atticus' new favorite is pizza lunchables. He calls them the Star Wars pizza things (the box has characters from the new Clone Wars cartoon on it). He eats them all up. Such a cutie!

On Monday I made tacos, and they were yummy. So quick and easy! Instead of just microwaving the black beans I baked them in the oven with cheese, and then topped with sour cream...yummy! Anyway, more pictures tomorrow! Hope everyone is doing well! <3.

My lack of posting.

So, I have not posted in a while, due to the fact that my pictures are stuck on the hard drive of our other computer. Yes, so sad! The day before a screw decided to melt and ruin the power thing in the computer I uploaded ALL of my pictures from my camera and then deleted them off of my camera. Keith has assured me that they are still safe, because the hard drive is fine. Pictures you missed out on....Keith's 23rd b-day(Sept.2) get together, with his awesome star wars cake, and fajitas ( I made both myself). Then some cute pictures of the kids. I have new pictures to hopefully tonight I will get around to it. Sorry for the lack of posting, but that is my excuse and if you ask me it is a pretty good one! Haha! <3.