Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ahhh, she's going to get me!

Almost every morning after Keith leaves for work Atticus comes and gets in our bed, then Harper wakes up and "attacks" Atticus. Laughter and smiles ensue! <3! It's even better on the weekends when Keith is home and our bed is super crowded! Haha.

Last night we went to Grandma and Grandpas house (my mom and dad) and Amber and her kids were there too. We had a lot of fun playing Buzz Quiz TV! Jayden even gave Atticus a piggy back ride. We are so excited for next week when ALL of the Wilb cousins will be here!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New hair.

My newly dyed hair! It isn't the best picture...but you get the idea. I really like it! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Check ups...

Atticus is a healthy growing boy! He is 3ft 4in and 36 lbs. He was really nervous about getting his flu shot (we are doing his immunizations next month). The second it was over he looked at me and said, "Oh, that was ok." Haha. Hopefully next month he will remember that it wasn't as bad as he thought.

Harper J is growing and healthy too! She is 17 lbs even and 25 inches long. She did really well up until the shots. Poor baby!

Just a cute picture I took of the kids over the weekend. I love how much they love being together! <3.

After the Doc apt we went to Smiths to get gas, and we payed....$1.97/gal!! NICE! Oh,and I dyed my hair black over the weekend. I love it! Pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Cake!

*Blogger did them out of order...oh well.

(Double yum, cake and presents!)

(Some Wilb cousins)

(Make a wish!)

(Happy Birthday dear Atticus...)

(Yes,I made that...haha. :) )

I know, these are a week overdue. Here are some of the pictures from Atticus' B-day celebration! We had awesome company, food, and fun! Thank you to everyone who came, called, and gave/sent presents! Atticus had a lot fun!

*A side story, Allison and Buddy gave Atticus sea monkeys, which Atticus wanted to do right away, but soon forgot when he ran off to play with some of his cousins. Anyway later that night he asked me if we could do them and here is how the conversation went:

Me: Lets do them tomorrow
Atticus: but we need to do it now, so we can grow our pet monkey
Me: Atticus it is sea monkeys, they are itty bitty, it's not a monkey
Atticus: No, mom it grows a monkey
Me: you are silly, look they are little sea monkeys see the picture
Atticus: mom are you telling the truth? ( I always ask him if he is telling the truth when he says something silly)
Me: Yes!
Atticus: Ok, (pause) can we grow some sea monkeys then?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We did!

We voted for change! Did you make sure to make your voice heard?

PS: Harper is 6 months old today! More pictures to come!

Monday, November 3, 2008

4 years old.

From little baby...

(4 months old)

To little boy.

(4 years old)

The time flies by so quickly! Atticus Erik was born Nov 3, 2004 at 5:14 pm, 8lbs 14 oz. 19 inches. He was such a cute chubby little baby, that Keith and I were and are so proud of! The instant we saw him and got to hold him was love at first sight.
Atticus is our silly, smart little boy who loves everything.

*some of his loves include:
-sleeping in
-reading books with mom and dad
-going to the park
-the PSP and PS3
-rock band
-and so many others that would take many days to finish the list. :)

*Some things Atticus has been doing:
-uses the potty and wipes his own bum!
-knows his alphabet
-can spell and write his name
-knows his shapes and can draw most of the basic shapes (circle, heart, square, triangle)
-knows numbers and can count to 15
- plus some other things, that I am forgetting at the moment.

We are so blessed to have Atticus in our family! We love you little boy!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Smell my feet, give me something good to eat.

Harper went as Olive aka Little Miss Sunshine. The only thing she is missing is some huge glasses, which I doubt she would have worn. She was a cutie though and did a good job sitting in her stroller while we walked around.

Ahhh, it's a pirate...oh wait it is Atticus. I love him in this costume! He even walked around saying, "Arrrrr".

Another cute one of Harper in her stroller, with her sweat band.

Atticus checking out some of the booty.

Harper wanted to try her hand at being a pirate.

So attractive huh? Haha.

Ready to Trick-or-Treat.

The Mickey pumpkin decided to get political. :)

This year was a lot of fun! We started by going to the trunk or treat at Lins...which ended up being a 3 other cars besides us were handing out candy, even though there were TONS of parents with their children, so we headed on over to grandma and grandpas to trick or treat. Grandma had some good candy! Then we came home and went around all of the houses on our block and a couple of streets over. When we were a couple of streets over, we acquired a little buddy. A little cat...maybe a few months old decided to follow us around. It was fine...until it decided to dart into someones house while Atticus was trick or treating. The lady was shocked and asked us if it was our cat. It was funny, until it kept following us trying to dart into each house that we went to. Then it got really annoying! After we ditched the cat, we hit a few more houses and headed home. It was a good night!