Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to the Grind

This year like every year it seems like school just kinda sneaks up on us. It starts out nice and slow and then right when you get into the groove of hardly having a schedule BAM! The calendar smacks you in the face, and taunts you. Anyway, the 14th was Atticus' first day of third grade. Holy moley, is he really that old? Follow up question, am I really that old?? Currently the answers to both of those are yes. However that will change at the end of this year, since I am pretty sure this will be my last birthday that I actually age up. 29 forever right? Ha! I digress, onto the pictures ( I know that is what you come here for). 

Atticus came home all smiles! He had a great day and loves his teacher(as do I)! Third grade is off to a great start!!

Harper of course was ticked off once again this year when we dropped off Atticus and, "why can't I go to school now?" was heard every hour or so. She perked up later in the afternoon when we went to  do her kindergarten assessment, which she rocked! She is so ready for it to be the 21st. 

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