Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School Celebration

Every year we make a big deal about going back to school, but this year we had a celebration on the night before school started (August 13th). First I would like to say, I thought of this all on my own. every. single. detail. And Pinterest was not involved at all (if you believed the last couple of sentences, then you my friend have been duped). Seriously though in this day and age how can Pinterest not be involved?  I LOVED how everything turned out, but the best part was that the kids absolutely LOVED it (I smell a new tradition)!

Top left: free printable found here. Right pic: I just cut out squares and wrote school rocks, and hung up paper airplanes.
Bottom left: our table decor for the evening with our new family dinner questions jar found here.

Place settings for the kids going back to school! Please note: my nephew joined us. I do not have a child starting 12th grade and do not even want to think about my babies starting high school let alone being on their last year mmkaythanks. Also what the hey, said nephew will be 18 soon...wahhh?! 

 Two happy kiddos ready for School to start! 

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