Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day...

Technically it's Fathers Day (it's 1:43 am here)! So, I am going to write one of those "my Dad and Husband are the best in the entire world" blog posts. To be fair (and I do love to be fair), they do have their faults , but we will save those for another day. I mean how can one be "the best in the entire world" while having flaws (hah ;P )? 
Growing up my dad was always a very hard worker, and even now in retirement (and after a couple of strokes) he is still a very hard worker. To be honest sometimes I want to be like, " hey! Relax! You are making the rest of us look bad!" Haha. But seriously dad take a break! :) If you know my Dad, then you know he loves anything and everything bicycles and even made a career out of it in the 90's! He taught all of us how to ride a bike as soon as we were able to walk! 
I think he took those long bike rides to keep sane in a house full of women! 

He even taught most if not all (who are old enough) of his grandchildren including my son Atticus to ride a bike (Harper is next)! Speaking of grandchildren, my dad is an amazing grandfather. Like so good, sometimes I am jealous! He is so willing to play with them, joke around with them and just be there when they need him. 

Missing two grandchildren who weren't born yet.

When he had his first stroke a few years ago, it really scared me. I couldn't imagine being in this world without him in it for myself, or my children (oh good, now I am teary at work). When they said he had lost sight in his left eye I thought, " how on earth is he going to ride his bike?" Well folks he still rides his bikes,motorcycles and drives a car (the last one is a little scary at times ;P). Nothing can get him down because, "it's all good" 

Atticus and Harper love their Grandpa Wilburn!!

A few things I learned/inherited from my dad:
-my love of list making
-that hard work really does pay off
- my knowledge of different types of bikes, bike parts and how to fix a flat tire
- the ability to turn bright red when I am either upset, emotional or embarrassed 
- and this last one is a toss up/combo from both of my parents. My fun sized height (they are both shorties)

Grandpa and his gang (missing a couple still)!

He really is amazing, even though he likes to scare everyone every so often with health issues or his crazy bike/motorcycle "adventures". He likes to keep everyone on their toes! My dad doesn't read my blog ( I think only my little sister and husband do), but I still want to wish him a Happy Father's Day here in the blog land. So, Happy Father's Day dad. I love you! 

I don't even know, where to begin with my husband! When we started dating, back when we were 18 years old, I knew that Keith was going to be an amazing dad! We would often babysit his little sisters, or his niece, or my nephews and nieces. He was SO good with all of them! And still is!

So much fun with Uncle Keith! 

When we found out that I was pregnant with Atticus he was so excited. I was in shock that we were going to be having a baby. Keith was there telling me that everything was going to be ok, and that I had nothing to worry about (I am a worry wart). When Atticus was born, Keith was so happy! Like the happiest I had ever seen him! Seeing him hold Atticus for the first time was the best thing ever. Then, getting to see him so happy and hold Harper for the first time was equally the best thing (and cue the teary eyes)! 

Lucky kids! 

My kids really scored in the dad department! Keith is always up for playing video games, watching movies, or taking all of us somewhere fun! I love that he jokes around with our kids and their friends,  "aren't you here to play with me?"  Haha! I am so eternally grateful that he is who he is. That he is my partner in this crazy thing called parenting. That Atticus and Harper get to grow up with a dad who unconditionally loves them and is always and will always be there for them! A dad who works hard so they can not only have what they need, but the fun things that they want too! 

He has given them a love for all things Star Wars! 

A love for all theme parks everywhere! 

Daddy's girl! 

Ducks, dad and cake! 

Happy Father's Day Keith, I hope our kids grow up to be just like you!! I love you! 

See, a fun, sweet and loving Dad! 

**as always please excuse the many grammatical and general errors in this post. It is late, or early depending on when you went to bed. 


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