Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's late, let's chat...

Want to know what I think about at 1 in the AM? 

Well, that's just rude! 
Here is the deal, I will forget how rude you all were a minute ago and tell you anyway. 

As I sit here at work, the top 5 things I am thinking about are;

1. What didn't get done at home that day (technically the day before)
2. What fun things we are going to do throughout the week/weekend
3. Hope and pray my children sleep in tomorrow (technically today)
4. My bed and how much I miss said bed
5. Things that should be in my wardrobe that sadly are not (insert going to look on Pinterest and pin 10.5 million things)

Super riveting things I am currently thinking about right?! I knew everyone would agree! 
Hah!  ;P 

 Not my image (googled comfortable bed), but this is how I imagine my bed and husband while I am at work. Calm down people it's just a cake! 

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