Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's late, let's chat...

So, my sister, my little sister (I thought I should clarify since I do have four of them) told me that my title "Its late, let's chat" sounded like a pick up line. Which made me laugh. It just so happens that I know a thing or two about cheesy pick up lines. In fact I know more then any one person should.
 At the end of my Jr year of high school I met a cool dude (who quickly became a best friend). He was the cheesy pick up line king. I am pretty sure this had to do with the fact that his favorite movie was, Night at the Roxbury or I assume since he would do the Emilio Estevez bit quite often. Anyway I digress, thinking back to those times makes me appreciate cheesy pick up lines in all of their cheesy glory. So bad, that they are so good, kind of like a pug (so ugly that they are cute). So, what's my point to all of this?  I remember trying to make up pick up lines, and let me tell you, I am NOT cut out to be in the pick up line business! But, 11 years (exactly yesterday) since I graduated high school and my skills are maybe finally coming in? Nope not yet. Check back in another 11 years. ;P

PS: Was your daddy a baker? 
Cause you've got some hot buns!

(Not my image, thank you google)

**These are my late night work ramblings. Please excuse the run ons, grammatical and all other errors! 

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